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Focus on STARS

STARS (Sexual Trauma Assessment, Recovery and Support Team) were introduced in Surrey after the closure of NSPCC 2011.

What we do

We work closely with CAMHS and other professionals to ensure that children and young people who have been affected by sexual abuse receive appropriate services. We work directly with children and families through therapy groups and also provide consultation and training throughout the county.


What we provide:

  • Therapeutic group work for children and young people who have experienced sexual abuse.


  • Post group individual therapeutic sessions for children and young people. (We are unable to accept referrals for individual work for children and young people who have not attended a group.)


  • Therapeutic group work for female carers.


  • Short term work with parents and carers of children who have been affected by sexual abuse.


  • Joint working with CAMHS colleagues in cases involving sexual abuse.


  • Joint working on cases with ACT (Assessment Consultation and Therapy) where appropriate.


  • Initial home visit assessment of all cases referred to CAMHS from the Solace Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC).


  • Support and consultation to CAMHS clinicians and to external professionals working with sexual abuse cases.


  • Training to CAMHS staff and to external agencies.


Making a difference

We have successfully run three therapy groups for adolescent girls who have experienced sexual abuse over the last year. We have another therapy group starting this month and based on feedback from the groups, this will run for a further 15 weeks.

We have also facilitated two therapy groups for female carers of sexually abused children this year and are looking to do more soon. We find that supporting carers can be as effective as supporting a child or young person directly and in our experience, when young people and their carers attend therapy together, we see the greatest improvement.

“Struggling alone and suffering in silence can be almost as painful as the reason we’re in the group. Being at Stars gives you a sense of community. You’re not alone and there are other
people who feel the same as you. Stars can help!” Group member

Contact STARS

Please contact the team if you have someone in mind that could benefit from attending or if you would like any more information about our groups. Contact Rachael Emsley or Natasha Dean on:

Address: Room F11 Farmside, West Park Hospital, Horton Road KT19 8PB.

Tel: 01372 203096

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