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Change a child’s life – find out about adopting in Surrey

There are children in Surrey who are in care after suffering neglect, abuse, or witnessing domestic violence within their birth home. Many are now settled with foster carers, picking up their lives and starting to enjoy things that most children take for granted, like going to the park to feed the ducks or looking forward to play dates with friends.

They now have people who care for them, who will make sure they have clean clothes, healthy food, kind words and comfort. People who think they are important.

These children are waiting to be adopted. Most are over five-years-old, some are sibling groups, and others may have developmental uncertainties.

Meet the children who are waiting for adoption

Surrey County Council's adoption service welcomes enquiries from people from all walks of life. So if you want to offer a forever home to a child or sibling group, and would like to know more about adopting in Surrey, please visit or call 08000 96 96 26.

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