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Community Paediatrics explained...


Paediatricians work closely with children, their families and schools in order to identify any health problems that may be affecting a child’s developmental progress. Much of their work takes place alongside other health, education and social care professionals.

Community paediatricians see any child aged between 0 - 16 years (or 19 if in special education) who is registered with a Surrey GP and/or attending school in Surrey:


The Community Paediatric Service provided by Surrey Community Health Services (SCH) accepts referrals for issues such as:

  • possible developmental delay or disorder
  • neurological disability
  • possible autism spectrum disorder
  • possible attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).


Although still organised in three locality teams, over the past three years all the community paediatricians have worked increasingly closely together, to harmonise provision and develop Surrey-wide lead roles.


  1. North West Surrey covers families registered with a GP in Woking, Runnymede, Spelthorne, West and East Elmbridge and part of Surrey Heath.
  2. South West Surrey covers families registered with a GP in Guildford, Waverley and part of Surrey Heath.
  3. East Surrey covers families registered with a GP in the boroughs of Tandridge, Reigate and Banstead and part of Mole Valley.


Mole Valley and Epsom & Ewell are boroughs currently covered by the community paediatricians based in, and employed by, Epsom General Hospital.


There is also an arrangement whereby consultant paediatricians employed by Frimley Park Hospital provide a service at Frimley Children’s Centre to some families in Surrey Heath.

Specialist CAMHS update

There have been a number of encouraging actions implemented and many more planned for the coming year, which we anticipate will serve to improve the level of care and support provided by Children's and Young People's services.

Some of the achievements to date are listed below.


•         Including young people's views - CYA, CAMHS Youth Advisors, a service user group made up of young people who have used the services, has been involved in all aspects of service reconfiguration. They consult on all aspects of service development, have produced a DVD for young people who are coming to CYPS for the first time, which is sent out with all initial appointment letters. Recently they have completed makeovers of some CAMHS waiting rooms which have been hugely popular.

•         Improving the users' experiences - Services have introduced Choice and Partnership Approach (CAPA) ensuring it will be established across all CAMHS sectors by end of late Spring 2011. CAPA is a clinical system that is informed by demand and capacity theory, has links with Lean Thinking, New Ways of Working and You’re Welcome Standards. The focus is on choice and partnership working and facilitation and collaboration, rather than expert stance. By using CAPA benefits seen are improvements in user experience, accessibility, staff satisfaction and reduced waiting times.

•         Increasing training  - CYPS staff are currently all being trained in the use of Care Programme Approach (CPA) and this will be introduced from May 2011.

•         Ongoing reviews - Children’s community learning disability services are currently under review with the intention of ensuring a fair and equitable service is provided county-wide. This is in partnership with our commissioners and it is hoped this will be successfully completed by late 2011.

•         Partnership working -  Work to secure more consistent approaches to the assessment and management of ADHD (and ASD) between CAMHS and community paediatric services is getting underway. Engagement of key stakeholders has been completed and we are moving into action phase, with work likely to continue throughout 2011.

•         Ofsted inspection – Birchgrove, a home for children with learning disabilities, has been reviewed by Ofsted and achieved ‘outstanding’ across all areas of service provision. Congratulations to Amanda McIntyre and the team for their hard work in achieving this. In the long term, the University of Surrey has been commissioned to complete a longitudinal evaluation of the Children In Care service.

•         New appointments - Following the NSPCC relocating to Croydon and the loss of post sexual abuse counselling for children and young people, two post sexual abuse senior practitioners have been appointed by commissioners from SCC and Surrey PCT to job share to provide services in this area.

•         Increasing provision - Currently children and adolescents requiring inpatient provision have to go out of county to either SW London & St George’s, or the Priory Group. A project team is working on an option appraisal with the aim to provide generic services within county, plus eating disorder services at a later date. The aim is to achieve this within year. Ensuring an effective care pathway for adolescents with an eating disorder who are transitioning to adult services is an opportunity made more possible by the integration of adult eating disorder services into the CYPS portfolio as of April 2011. Clinicians and managers welcome this move and work on this will progress through 2011/2012.

•         Targeted Mental Health in Schools programme - Delivered in Redhill, Reigate and Merstham schools, staff were trained in mental health awareness alongside mental health workers who provided earlier intervention and support. The programme has just been evaluated and the outcomes have proved so successful that funding from the early intervention grant has been granted to continue this service into 2012/13.

TaMHS project

TaMHS (Targeted Mental Health in Schools) was a one year project, funded by the then DSCF and was delivered in 17 schools in the Reigate, Redhill and Merstham confederation.

The project’s aims were:

  1. To raise school staff awareness, of children and young people’s mental health needs,
  2. To increase staff skill and confidence in supporting children with emerging mental health problems
  3. Early intervention and prevention of mental health problems
  4. Schools to have earlier access to CAMHS advice and support.


The project was brought to a close by an evaluation event at The Reigate Manor Hotel on 29 March 2011. Sarah Brennan, Chief Executive of YoungMinds was a guest speaker, speaking about Mental Health in the 21st Century.


Project delivery:

Basic mental health awareness training was delivered to all schools. Access to a Primary Mental Health Worker was also offered. Additional training in attachment was delivered to 10 schools and training in areas such as anger management, restorative approaches, and developing well-being was delivered in response to specific requests from individual schools.


In addition schools were allocated a small amount of funding to develop specific projects according to their particular needs.


Examples were:

  • setting up of nurture groups
  • yoga classes
  • pets as therapy
  • setting up of anger management groups
  • massage in schools


At the TaMHS evaluation event, we heard from a selection of schools who had shown best practice through TaMHS. One of these is outlined in a case study below.


Case study – Royal Alexandra at Albert School


PMHW attended the health and welfare meeting at the school every two weeks where their advice was sought about the needs of particular children. Staff attended core mental health awareness training and Attachment training and some staff were able to access training in ‘draw and talk as well as anger management.


Between October 2010 and February 2011 discussions took place with the PMHW about 61 pupils at the health and welfare meetings, and all but four involved repeat discussions. It meant that work was able to be done within school with a large number of these children rather than refer to a specialist services. In three cases direct input with the PMHW and the pupils parents took place.


Overall, TaMHS had a positive impact on the school. School staff felt that early intervention helped to prevent future problems and that the specialised support they received from the PMHW’s helped to give them a greater success rate as opposed to previous interventions they had tried.


Overall findings of the TaMHS project:

The national evaluation of the TaMHS project as a whole will be published in September this year. The findings in Surrey were:

  • 370 staff attended mental health awareness training and 86% found it helpful or very helpful
  • 98% of staff feel a great deal more confident in identifying mental health needs
  • 97% of staff feel a great deal more confident supporting children with mental health needs
  • 86% felt that Attachment training they received would be helpful in their future work
  • 126 children were subject of  consultations with a PMHW with a further 142 follow up discussions. The vast majority of these children continued to be supported in school without need for  referral to a specialist service


What next?

At the evaluation event held on Nick Wilson, Strategic Director announced that Surrey County Council has been allocated funding from the Early Intervention Grant over the next 2 years. This is to support the development of a sustainable model across Surrey building on the learning from the TaMHS project.

HOPE update
At HOPE, we are currently the busiest we have ever been, working with over 70 young people.

Ofsted (Education) visited HOPE Epsom for a monitoring visit in February 2011 and concluded that this part of the service’s capacity to improve has improved. This is good news for us, as it means we hopefully have a couple of years until the next Ofsted Inspection.  Thank you to Judy Sherington, HOPE’s Head of Education, for the work she has put in to the education provision across HOPE, and to all the staff for their support in achieving this standard.


Young people in HOPE have become valued contributors to ‘Our Voice’ magazine, which is produced with the support and guidance from CYA’s staff and young people.


HOPE is developing excellent links with the Youth Development Service, who have already delivered two training days to HOPE staff on sex and relationships, and drugs. The training has equipped staff with current and relevant information about these areas, so that effective work can be undertaken with young people to support positive choices.  Part of the relationship with YDS includes accessing community based youth work facilities, so that young people can access appropriate support near their homes when they move on from HOPE. 


In April, HOPE welcomed the Chairman of the Trust, Richard Greenhalgh, accompanied by Associate Director for CYPS, Mandy Dunn, to meet HOPE staff and young people, and join us for lunch.  They joined with the young people in undertaking a group painting, where thankfully aprons were provided!


Finally, HOPE is planning to hold a Conference in June 2012, to spread the word about the benefits of multi-agency work with young people with complex needs.  We will keep you updated as plans progress!


No Labels
No Labels is a partnership initiative between Surrey CAMHS Social Work Service and Surrey Youth Development Service.

 It began as ‘No Barriers’ but rebranded in January 2010. CAMHS identified a number of young people who were proving difficult to engage and hard to reach through traditional care and treatment. These young people may have been referred to CAMHS but failed to attend their appointments or have stopped attending CAMHS appointments. 


Currently referrals come from the North West Area of Surrey CAMHS, but referrals have been accepted from other areas. The focus is on young people who fall into tier three within the CAMHS four-tiered planning and delivery model. 


The aim is for the Youth Development Service (YDS) to work in partnership with CAMHS Social Work Service, to empower young people to develop their skills and emotional literacy, to engage in day-to-day activities and to receive specialist support through CAMHS. No Labels is based on the value that ‘young people choose to engage.’ Those requiring clinical input, may not be ready to use talking therapies in CAMHS, which could account for them not attending. The youth work model can help young people in building up their emotional literacy and is more informal in nature than the CAMHS model. 


Youth work starts from where young people are and offers unique experiential opportunities to them by enabling and empowering them to make and manage decisions about themselves and their lives as they move from childhood into adulthood.


It is hoped the No Labels service will be extended across the whole of the county. Mole Valley has been identified as the next area the service is rolled out to.


The No Labels team will be producing a short newsletter to provide regular updates on how No Labels is progressing.  If you would like to be included on the mailing list for this or would like any other information about No Labels please email or call 07811 184106. 

Schools and youth organisations are invited to take part in Feeling Good Week (FGW)
FGW first started in 2004, and takes place every July. It was launched to raise awareness of mental health issues and promote the importance of emotional well-being.

Targeting children and young people in Surrey, it explores different emotional literacy themes, giving children and young people the chance to think about, and understand how they can manage and cope with their feelings. CAMHS works closely with Healthy Schools to develop the ideas, themes and content for the CAMHS resource pack.


This year, FGW is taking place from 4-8 July and the theme is 'Me and My World' which looks at five sub-themes: spirituality, physical, interactions, culture and emotions. A resource pack has been developed which includes suggested activities for FGW, information about how schools or organisations could apply for a grant to support their FGW activities and information about this year’s artwork competition, where entrants could win tickets to Chessington World of Adventures.


Download a resource pack at or email to request a hard copy.

Quality Network for Community CAMHS (QNCC) is raising standards
The CAMHS and PMHT services in Surrey have signed up for a three year membership of the Quality Network for Community CAMHS (QNCC). 

This is a not-for-profit networking framework run by Royal College of Psychiatrists and it aims to help teams to benchmark themselves against best practice standards.


The north west and south east sectors will each be receiving reviews in 2011; the other two sectors will follow in 2012 and 2013.


SABP are looking to QNCC to assist in completing the sectorisation of CAMHS. Last year, the service was restructured into four sectors, each consisting of two or three clinics. While progress has been made to work together, there is still room for improvement. 


If you would like further information, please contact Sarah Tomkins on, or visit the QNCC website.
Call for workshop and poster presentations
The association for child and adolescent Primary Mental Health Workers (PMHWs) 12th National Conference and AGM will be taking place on 3 and 4 November 2011 at the De Vere Hotel, Blackpool.

This year’s theme, ‘Early Years and Toolkits for Training’, celebrates the merger between the association of child and adolescent PMHWs and the national CAMHS trainers’ forum. Workshop presentations are a vital part of the conference, providing opportunity for colleagues to share a wealth of good practice and innovations. Abstracts from professionals undertaking the role of PMHW or with an interest in its development are invited to run workshops. This is your opportunity to participate and share information about your work, research or service development. Poster presentations are also invited from all professionals working in this field. For more information or to submit a presentation or poster please contact Carol Anderson on email or phone 07521 057852.

Measures of Children's Mental Health and Psychological Wellbeing

Measures of Children's Mental Health and Psychological Wellbeing is a portfolio for educational and health professionals that contains seven booklets covering key psychological concepts, such as Belonging, Distress, Enjoyment, Healthy Living, Resilience, Responsiveness and Social Behaviour.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists - online resources
Readable and well-researched information on children and young people’s mental health from The Royal College of Psychiatrists.
Intercollegiate Statement On Children And Young People's Mental Health
The Royal College of Psychiatrists has joined with other organisations to call on the Government to recognise children's mental health services as a priority. Read more about their hopes for the future.
Heads Up: Mental health of children and young people
This report draws attention to successful charitable projects tackling mental health problems outside the adult population and makes recommendations for philanthropists wishing to support this type of work. Over one million children and young people are said to suffer from disorders that make it hard for them to cope with everyday life. Three-quarters of them are not receiving adequate treatment, and are more likely to grow into adults with ongoing mental health problems. Read more. 
Anxiety symptoms in children - why children have trouble explaining feelings
Read this helpful article to find out why children worry and how to deal with this. Read more
Transition advice and support

NCSS, NMHDU and SCIE have been working over the last year in partnership to develop products to help young people and parents with transition from CAMHS.

The NCSS NMHDU products are 3 guides into the legal aspects of transition – one for young people, one for parents and one for professionals. Hard copies are available for free from YoungMinds. You can also see them on the CHIMAT website where there is a section on transitions resources.
Jigsaw4u is a child-centered charity supporting children and young people through loss and trauma. Sign up to their monthly newsletter.
National Family Week is this week
Now in its third year, National Family Week is the biggest annual celebration of families and family life in the UK. Sign up for all the latest news about National Family Week, including how your organisation can get involved.
Foundation Course in Family Therapy and Systemic Practice

The course offers a multidisciplinary training in the concepts and skills that come from Systemic Family Therapy. The course is suitable for practitioners &  managers working in education, health and social care settings and is accredited by the UK Association of Family Therapy. It will start in October 2011 date TBC.

Please contact Katie Ship, Course Co-ordinator on 07815 588798 or email:


Everybody’s Business Training – two day course

Basic child and adolescent mental health awareness for staff and volunteers who work directly with children and young people.


Various locations:

Trimmers Room, Farnham Hospital

13/20 September 2011, 9.30am – 4.30pm

Woodhatch Centre, Reigate


11/18 October 2011, 9.30am – 4.30pm

Ridgewood Centre, Camberley


16/23 January 2012, 9.30am – 4.30pm

Medwyn Surgery, Dorking

3/10 February 2012, 9.30am – 4.30pm

SCH Staff Development Centre, Chertsey

12/19 March 2012, 9.30am – 4.30pm


To book a place, email

National Family Week

30 May - 5 June is National Family Week.

The week offers not-for-profit organisations a celebratory national occasion to connect with families. Your organisation can use the week to showcase your work - how you support families, offer activities and services for families, develop family-friendly policies, or engage in other ways in the promotion of family life. Find out more.

Proactive Intervention to Enhance Recovery (PIER) Conference

Taking place on 17 June, 9am to 4pm at The Village Hotel, Pinehurst Avenue, Farnborough GU14 7BF.

Buy tickets here.


Upload training

Taking place on 15 June at Farnham Road Hospital.

The next one and a half day Upload training course will take participants an experiential learning journey through the eyes of a service user. For further information contact Charlotte Williams, CAMHS Rights and Participation Officer on email: or phone 07896 248 244.

Feeling Good Week

FGW is taking place from 4 - 8 July and this year's theme is 'Me and My World'. The theme centres around five key areas: Spirituality, Physical, Interaction, Culture and Emotional (SPICE). For more information about the week visit the CAMHS website.

Association for child and adolescent primary mental health workers 12th National Conference and AGM

Taking place on 3 and 4 November at The De Vere Hotel, Blackpoo. The theme is ‘Early Years and Toolkits for Training.’

For more information or to book a place please email Carol Anderson on

Congratulations to Wendy Smith

Congratulations to Wendy Smith of West PMHT who has completed her MSc in Family Therapy & Systemic Practice at the Institute of Family Therapy.

Hello to...

Jummy Williams, Approved Mental Health Practitioner (AMHP) at West EIIP hub.


Katja Pinto, Locum Primary Mental Health Worker for Wey House School & NW PMHT based at St Peters CAMHS.


Chris Vincent, Family & Systemic Psychotherapist with SCC and CAMHS in the Family Solutions Team based at St Faiths Family Centre.


Kelly Griffiths, Clinical Nurse at CYPS Eating Disorder Service.


Rupert Taverner, Systeminc Family Therapist at CYPS Eating Disorder Service.
Goodbye to...

Wavenney Rennock, who has left to start a new post and life in Portsmouth from CYPS Eating Disorder Service.


Chris Dolman, Family & Systemic Psychotherapist with SCC and CAMHS  Family Solutions.


Helena Lidgate, STR worker who has recently resigned.


Elly Evans, a Psychologist at CYPS Eating Disorder Service who is leaving to increase her family.


Dr Olwen Wilson  Clinical Psychologist SW CAMHS


Shirley Lingard Family & Systemic Psychotherapist SW CAMHS


Jean Weightman Child Psychotherapist SW CAMHS 

CAMHS awards

In March, the CAMHS Youth Advisors (CYA) awards ceremony took place at the Light Box Gallery in Woking with over 70 young people, carers and professionals turning out for the annual event.


Over forty exceptional individuals received awards on the night,

celebrating both young people and professionals’ achievements, for bravery, participation, support or personal goals.


The ceremony included presentations from organisations such as, Young Minds, ELIP, and Carer Involvement. As well as an interactive drum and percussion workshop, a CYA-led roleplay about stigma around mental health, a user’s journey to CAMHS and a group quiz about mental health took place. 


Thank you to CYA apprentice, Laura Whittam, for helping organise the event and to everyone who contributed and participated.


Nominations for next years’ awards will be sent to all CAMHS clinics and services in Surrey later in the year, so keep an eye out and remember to nominate a young person or professional who is going above and beyond in your area.

New peer mentoring service
Set up by the CAMHS Children's Rights Apprentice this scheme aims to make support more accessible

New peer-mentoring scheme to help young people who are struggling to engage socially and with services.

Young people are referred to the initiative directly by professionals working with them or by parents who feel that the young person would benefit from peer support.


The amount of time that peer mentors and those being mentored see each other varies according to the young person’s wishes and needs. Some may make contact once a month, while others may meet three to four times per month or more. They can also maintain contact through email and phone.


The mentors aim to help with specific problems that the individual has such as difficulties in engaging with peers, and will often spend time with the young person, or take part in activities such as sport, or simply going for a coffee. Peer mentors are trained to provide positive support and act as a role model.


With the help of the peer-mentoring scheme, the attendees may come to realise that there are other people out there who have had similar problems or issues to themselves. The young person will also gain self-confidence to be able to engage with other peers, the services and generally be more sociable. 


To find out more about the scheme please contact Laura Whittam on

Have you attended Upload yet?

Upload is a training course facilitated by young people who have experience of accessing CAMHS.

The course aims to give participants an experiential learning journey through the eyes of a service user, by undertaking a series of exercises that are both fun and cover serious topics from confidentiality, to labelling, to making commitments towards change. It is a one day training course; with a half-day follow up session approximately six weeks after the initial training day. The next training is on 18 May (9.30am - 4.30pm) at Farnham Hospital with a follow up half-day on 15 June (9.30am - 12.30pm) at the same location.


For further information you can contact Charlotte Williams, CAMHS Rights and Participation Officer on email: or phone 07896 248 244.

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Surrey and Borders STARS Awards 2010
The excellent work of staff, volunteers and people who use services and carers was recognised at a celebration evening at Sandown Park Racecourse in Esher in December.

Over 120 people joined the Mayors of Woking, Guildford, Waverley, Runnymede, Mole Valley, Elmbridge and Spelthorne in recognising the outstanding achievements made across trust teams and services last year in the trust’s fifth annual Staff Achievement and Recognition Awards (STARS Awards).


Read more about the winners and recognised achievements here.


Winners were:



Sarah Amani

Hub Coordinator, Early Intervention in Psychosis (Surrey Heath and North East Hampshire – in Aldershot)



Early Intervention in Psychosis for Surrey Heath and North East Hants (Aldershot)

Partnership Category



Kellie Tournoff

West PMHT team administrator, South West Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services (Farnham)

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