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The latest from CAMHS Youth Advisors

The latest from CAMHS Youth Advisors

The team has said goodbye to Damien, Charlotte’s maternity leave cover, and welcomed Charlotte back to the team.

The Rights and Participation Team, who support CYA and all CYA activities, now consists of:

Charlotte Williams, Rights and Participation Officer

Jamie Longstaff,  Children’s Rights Apprentice

Emma Sweeney Children’s Rights Apprentice

Jason Watts, Children’s Rights Apprentice

Finlay Douglas, Business and Admin Apprentice

We are growing

CYA has seen 15 new referrals and an additional eight new members join which is absolutely brilliant – thank you to everyone who has referred. We have also seen several previously interested young people now getting involved and committed to CYA, reaching a record 35-40 active and regular members in the group in the last month.

What we’ve been working on

Our consultation topics have included; medication leaflets for children and young people, Feeling Good Week topics and themes, CYA in schools, planning the CYA Awards 2013, Our Voice issue 8 articles, planning make-overs and lots more.

We have organised several activities and fun workshops, such as lazerquest, donutting and bowling, which has had a positive effect on the number of young people attendees. We will continue to arrange activities after consultation meetings as an incentive to take part in consultation.

What else have we been up to?

Our Voice

Hopefully you should all have seen a copy of the Our Voice magazine that’s designed by CYA and young people at HOPE for all children and young people who access mental health services in Surrey. If you haven’t seen it yet – read it now.

We’ve had a lot of positive feedback from young people who have been given a copy of Our Voice when they have attended clinics across Surrey. Young people say the magazine has made them feel less alone, less different and more informed. Young people have also referred themselves to CYA after reading about us in the magazine.

Edition 8 is due out in March – this will also be a 24 page edition like the last issue – watch this space!

CYPS additions

Our apprentice Emma Sweeney is leading on a project called CYPS (Children and Young Peoples Service) additions which will be running throughout the year. The project aims to involve young people in improving waiting room areas for their services. As part of the project, young people visit clinics and decide what’s needed to make the rooms more user friendly and run art workshops to make improvements.

Guildford CAMHS makeover

The transformation of the new Guildford CAMHS clinic is complete! Young people in CYA held art workshops and gave the clinic a facelift.

CYA east

We are starting a new CYA group - CYA east.

CYA east will start on the 6 March and will meet fortnightly at The Bridge Youth centre in Leatherhead. CYA East is a partnership project with The Bridge Youth Centre and the Reigate and Redhill YMCA, who are supporting us with two members of staff from the centre that will work alongside us on the project. It's a fantastic well-resourced venue with everything from a music studio, craft room, basket ball court and snooker tables. Watch out for the bright blue postcard leaflets about this group to give to your young people!

Redhill drop in

This is a project in the east aimed at all ages and to give young people on this side of the county an opportunity to get involved in CYA. The drop in is re-launching on 20 March, and will be held on the 4th Wednesday of the month after that. Children and young people can come along and do arts and games, find out more about CYA, what they can get involved in and how. They will also have an opportunity to get involved in anything else CYA does, including consultation and training activities.

BBC documentary

Some of our over 18 members are taking part in a BBC documentary, ‘Minds like Ours’. It’s going to show what it’s like being a young person with mental health issues.  It will be aired on BBC3 in June.

Recruit Crew

This project is all about ensuring young people are involved in recruitment of CYPS staff. Young people in CYA were involved in seven interviews in December and we have one interview coming up in February.


Upload – our service user perspective training for all CAMHS staff, has been facilitated three times a year for the last three years. This year we are hosting this training ourselves and dates are currently being planned for 2013.

CYA Awards 2013

The CYA Awards, our annual celebration of achievements awards evening, is being held on 1November this year. It is going to be held at the H.G. Wells Centre in Woking. Save the date now! Nomination and booking details will be out soon.

Contact us

We are always looking for new young people to join our group and projects, where we can support travel and offer incentives – please contact us to find out more. The best way to refer is to ask a young person if you can pass on their details to us, then give us a call so we can get in touch with them.

Contact the team on: or call 01483 519 571.

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